Available Services

Here you'll find a few examples of the services we offer. Chances are if something's not in the list it will still be possible. We'll both learn something new and only be satisfied once it's completely to your liking.

Feel free to contact us about anything.

Android Applications

Automation Software

We can automate manual processes to save your time and money.

  • No longer having to manually enter text from printed forms into a program.
  • Grabbing appointments from emails and inserting them into your preferred calendar.
  • Keep your machines up-to-date with the latest software by a periodical check.
  • Save usage data from employees or self to gain insight and make educated improvements.

Custom-coded websites

When creating websites, we find the most important aspect to be functionality. Design is definitely important, but the visual aspect cannot be enjoyed fully without it working correctly.

  • Rental home websites with an interactive calendar showing the availability for the whole year.

Database Visualization

Almost everything collects data nowadays. This makes sense, because with a limited impact on performance it is possible to gain insight into how users use your product. With this you can make educated improvements or find problems you that might have been missed on first launch.

Software Bridges

Often when starting the use of a new program, the goal is to improve the workflow. Unfortunately most programs are unable to communicate with each other which can create problems.

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