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On this page you'll find more information on subjects like the name Natamus and our motto We'll make it float. Although the founding of Natamus wasn't that long ago, we are quite confident that we are able to fulfill your needs. Our goal is to creatively combine the current and newly released technology to come up with the perfect solution. We listen to your ideas and requests and implement them in the final product.


Natamus has been founded in order to combine a passion for technology with a natural interest in business. Our goal is to make the newest techniques accessible for businesses who are in need of the ability to automate current manual processes.


Natamus is a conjugated form of the Latin verb natõ. It can be translated as swimming, floating or flowing. It is in the first person plural form. We'll make sure you can keep your head above water within the endless stream of technological innovations.

We'll make it float
Our motto comes from the goal we have in mind. With attention to detail, we will make your sure your idea comes to life. Your input will be carefully implemented in the final product.

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